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Pok Pok
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May 20, 2021
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June 18, 2024

Pok Pok Raises a $6 Million Series A to Make Screen Time Healthier for Kids

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June 15, 2022

Pok Pok Raises $3 Million to Help Raise the Next Generation of Creative Thinkers Through Digital Play

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About Pok Pok

Pok Pok is a parent-founded company redefining the way kids learn and play on devices. We make open-ended, inventive kids apps inspired by the real world that empower kids to be creative and think outside the box.

About the Pok Pok App

The Pok Pok App is an award-winning preschool app filled with mindful, creative toys that are inspiring the next generation of creative kids. There are no rules, instructions, menus or language so kids can play and learn all on their own. It’s your entire living room floor of toys in the palm of your child’s tiny little hands!

Awards & Accolades

Winner 2023 Apple Store Award

2023 App Store Award Winner

Winner 2021 Apple Design Award

2021 Apple Design Award Winner

Winner Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award

Smart Media Award Winner

Our Educators

We work with a wonderful team of educators from around the world to help make sure we get every little detail in the Pok Pok App just right. From school teachers and early childhood researchers, to sensory experts and diversity consultants, the Pok Pok App is a true collaborative effort.

For more information about our educators or if you’re interested in working with us, please contact Melissa (


Collection of toys

Kids will build, tinker, create, experiment and learn while exploring our playroom of handcrafted toys. Each is designed to foster cognitive and socio-emotional development while introducing key learning concepts that kids can discover through play.

Open-ended play

There’s no right or wrong, and no possibility for failure. Kids are empowered to take risks and feel accomplished when things come together for them. Their curiosity is rewarded with play, not with prizes.

Grows with kids

The toys will challenge and stimulate kids as they grow up and become more curious—the more they explore, the more they’ll discover. There’s something for all ages in all toys.

Regular updates

We update toys and add new ones to the playroom often. There’s always something new to explore, so playtime never gets old.

Calm play

Our hand-drawn animation and soft sounds set the tone for peaceful playtime, captivating kids without over-stimulating them.

Learning prompts

Together with educators, we’ve designed quick questions for grown-ups to ask their little ones during play for those looking to deepen their child’s learning experience.

Inclusive toys

Everyone is welcomed and loved in Pok Pok! We aim to reflect the diversity of the families who play Pok Pok by representing a variety of people, family structures, genders, races, and abilities.

Fosters independence and sharing

Kids intuitively know what to do with each toy and can self-guide their own play. The entire playroom is designed for collaborative play so kids can share a device and play together at the same time.

Safe and sound

There are no advertisements, surprise fees, or in-app purchases for subscribers. Kids will never see anything but the toys—not even text or language.

Save every drawing

Save your child’s drawings to iCloud so you can print or share their art among family and friends.

Family Sharing

One subscription extends across all of your devices through Family Sharing.


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