Digital play,

Introducing Pok Pok.
A collection of digital toys
that spark creativity and learning
through open-ended play.

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Smart Media Award Winner 2021 Apple Design Award Winner 2023 App Store Award Winner

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A playroom of possibilities.

Since kids are always curious,
the playroom is always evolving.
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Peek inside the playroom.

Kids will build, tinker, experiment, create and learn. They’ll surprise themselves. They’ll make magic.

New toys added regularly!

Everything kids love.
Everything grown-ups want.

Sparks creativity

Kids get to think outside the box and push their imaginations to the limit. Everything goes!

Peaceful and calming

Our handcrafted art and sounds captivate and engage kids without overstimulating them.

Grows as kids do

There’s something to discover for all ages, in all toys. The more curious kids are, the more they’ll learn.

Learn through play

Play promotes cognitive development and socio-emotional skills that kids will carry with them through life.

A diverse world

Everyone is welcome and loved in the playroom! We aim to reflect the diversity of the families who play.

Regular updates

We update toys and add new ones often. When there’s always something new to explore, playtime never gets old.

Thinking outside the box
isn’t just for grown-ups.

Try it free for 7 days
2021 Apple Design Award Winner 2023 App Store Award Winner
“A creative canvas that encourages curiosity and play.” Engadget
“Thoughtful design and mesmerizing interactions” Apple
“It’s a charming, minimalist experience.” The Verge
“Designed to be open-ended.” TechCrunch
“Kids create their own fun.” SuperParent
“Develops the skills and experience that are crucial for our kids.” 9to5Mac
“It’s a style of play that comes so naturally to children.” Polygon
“A calm setting that sparks their imaginations.” MacStories
“Beautiful.” MacRumors

Why families and teachers love it.

See the playroom
in action.

Try it free for 7 days.

Spark creativity that lasts a lifetime.

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