Pok Pok Playroom: A Year in Review

May 17, 2022 • 4 min read

A year of hopes and gratefulness

When we launched Pok Pok Playroom 12 months ago we never could have predicted the journey that was awaiting us, but we knew that we had produced a beautiful digital toy that was different from other kids apps that often involved overstimulating play. We also knew that we wanted to keep providing amazing updates that would delight little ones every time they came out. We wanted to make sure our subscription was truly worth it.

What we didn’t know was how parents and children were going to respond. And now, a year later, we are just so grateful for the way kids and parents all over the world have embraced Pok Pok. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We could not have wished for a better community supporting us. To celebrate this anniversary let’s explore the 5 biggest milestones in Pok Pok’s journey so far.

Revisiting the past year through 5 milestones

  1. Winning the Apple Design Award!
Mathjis, Jack, Esther and James holding the Apple Design Award.

When we first started discussing Pok Pok years ago, design was always one of the hottest topics of discussion. How can we make this layout simpler? How can we make this color more beautiful? How can we make this toy more fun? For that reason, winning the 2021 Apple Design Award was just so special for us. A year later we still can hardly believe it!

2. Releasing 5 brand new toys!

Shops, our latest toy, allows kids to get creative in the kitchen.

In the past year we almost doubled the number of toys available in Pok Pok Playroom. All of them are a result of long discussions with the team, our educators and Pok Pok users to create toys that would be fun (of course!) but also promote creativity and learning. We spent an almost embarrassing number of hours tinkering with the tiniest details so that everything would be just right. It was all worth it in the end and we couldn’t be prouder of these incredible toys: HouseForestBlocksSequencer and Shops. If your children haven’t checked them out, we strongly suggest they do!

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas for new toys on social medias @playpokpok or by email, we’d love to hear them!

3. Maintaining a steady flow of exciting updates!

Our Earth Day update allowed children to learn about Mother Nature at our festival in Town!

Besides coming up with new toys we wanted to keep Pok Pok exciting by peppering our publishing calendar with updates that would both add value to current toys and tie in to real world events in order to become a learning opportunity. This is why we released an update on Earth Day that expanded on our Town toy by adding recycling bins, compost, an apiary and so much more. Our goal was to spark conversations about the environment and get kids to learn more about their planet. Stay tuned as many updates are coming up!

4. Working with amazing educators!

Our panel of educators help us bring a unique learning perspectives to everything we do.

It has always been extremely important for us that Pok Pok’s toys be created in close collaboration with some of the top minds in education. We want to make sure that our toys become powerful learning tools and nurture children’s curiosity. This is why we’re working with amazing experts such as Dr. Cindy Hovington a neuroscientist and mom of 3 that is passionate about developing tools and skills that help children thrive.

5. Sharing Pok Pok with all of you!

But amongst these exciting moments the biggest milestone of all was sharing Pok Pok with you. Seeing how much kids loved playing with Pok Pok honestly made all our efforts so worth it. We set out to make a toy that was different, calmer, more creative and we were so happy to see a community of parents that welcomed openly what we had created. For that we want to thank you again (we’ll never do it enough!)

Looking forward

We are more motivated than ever to grow Pok Pok and keep making it more creative, more educative and more fun without losing that little spark that makes it so special. So buckle up because we will keep digging deeper to bring new toys and experiences that will delight your children for years to come!

Join our community to get insights from our educators and take a peek behind the scenes into our toy design process over on our Instagram!