Pok Pok Playroom is a 2021 Apple Design Award winner

June 10, 2021 • 2 min read

We are overjoyed to announce that Pok Pok Playroom is the winner of a 2021 Apple Design Award!

To be nominated in the Delight & Fun category among such truly incredible creators is surreal. We are so lucky to receive such an accolade from the team at Apple for our work, and will carry this moment with us for years to come.

Apple Design Evangelist Linda Dong’s feedback was an especially meaningful highlight for our team:

“It is just the definition of a joyful experience. The first time I played with this app I honestly spent over an hour just fiddling with all of the different little sandbox toys and, I know its meant to be designed for children, but it definitely brings out this childlike wonder.

The thing that I really loved about it was that this app came from a mother and father and just wanting to build something that was delightful for their children. It puts a smile on everyone’s faces when they use it and it’s just the clear winner here.”

— Linda Dong, Design Evangelist

When first began, we set out to create an experience that kids would love and that parents could feel really good about sharing with them—something creative, educational, fun and beautiful. Now, only three weeks in, we already feel so proud to know that families around the world are finding joy and learning with Pok Pok Playroom.

Our team is buzzing with excitement to continue evolving the Playroom, and we can’t wait to hear what the world thinks of what we have in store—the first new toy is coming to the Playroom very soon!

But first, we’re going to celebrate just a little.