Spring Update: Dress-Up!

April 25, 2024 • 2 min read

Explore an endless collection of cool looks for the sunny days ahead.

We’ve brought a whole new collection of spring looks to Dress-Up that’ll send you into the season in style! Little ones can choose between vibrant shirts, shorts, bathing suits and accessories that are perfect for everything from a pool party to camping under the stars.

In Dress-Up, kids get to endlessly mix and match wardrobe pieces, body types and features. They flex their ability to make decisions, practice self-awareness, and express their preferences. These are not only important skills to build at an early age, but practicing them gives a rare feeling of autonomy that children crave!

Other key skills such as memory, pattern-recognition, and storytelling are exercised while playing. So not only are creative juices flowing, but they’re developing cognitive functions as well!

How To Play:

As a refresher, here are some guidelines for playing Dress-Up!

  • Setting the scene: The toy will open to a screen that allows you to cycle through various body types. Tapping the figure will change its pose and tapping the surrounding objects will change them to new options. 
  • Body, hair and face: Starting from the top, tap the tabs on the right side to open a menu and choose between skin color and optional prosthetics. Simply scroll down or up to explore. The second tab below will open a collection of hairstyles, facial hair, eyes, as well as features like scars and birthmarks!

    If you want to start a fresh look, simply scroll left or right to a new figure and you will be able to return to the one you previously made as well.
  • Wardrobe: The rest of the tabs will lead to your shirt, pants, shoes, accessory, and dress options. There is everything from costumes to wild prints, formal attire and more casual fashions! If you want to remove a layer, just tap it again. 
  • Music: Our sound designer, Matt, created an original soundtrack for this toy! You can tap the musical note in the bottom left corner to turn the music on or off. 
Trailer for Dress-Up. Click to watch the toy in action!

It’s been so fun to see your Dress-Up creations since the launch in January! Whether kids make self-portraits, create versions of family members or dream up totally new characters, the unique expression of each child flourishes in this toy. We can’t wait to see what spring looks are pulled together and hope that this update inspires excitement for the warmer days ahead!

We’ve been so inspired by the unique approach of each child who plays with our toys and can’t wait to hear what families like yours think of this one. Receiving your feedback, videos and ideas for new updates is so important for the growth of Pok Pok so please say hello at or on social media @playpokpok.