Update: Holi Is Here!

March 21, 2024 • 2 min read

Celebrate this colorful Hindu festival in Busy Book.

Kids can now experience the vibrant spirit of Holi with our latest update to Busy Book. In celebration of this Hindu “Festival of Colors”, we’ve reintroduced a section filled with lively animations and sounds that capture the essence of this joyous occasion.

Dive into the festivities to find families partaking in traditions like mixing and tossing gulal (colored powders), or gathering around the Holika (bonfire). Discover an array of sweet and savory traditional treats like gulab jamun and vada, and dance to rhythmic drum beats!

About Holi

Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated worldwide in late February or early March, coinciding with the full moon. It signifies the arrival of this season and the victory of good over evil, fostering a jubilant atmosphere of togetherness and positivity.

The powdered paint thrown at Holi festivals is known as gulal and was originally made with spring flowers, berries, spices, and other plants. In addition to representing spring hues, it symbolizes the fires from which Prahalad of Holi’s mythological origin story was saved. Each color holds significance, with blue symbolizing calm and bravery, yellow representing sunshine and happiness, and red embodying love and fertility.

The importance of cultural learning

At Pok Pok, we try to offer kids both windows and mirrors into the world. Windows help little ones get a glimpse beyond their bubble of knowledge. They get to learn about the way others live and what makes them special. Mirrors give kids a chance to see themselves and their families represented and therefore validated. This is especially important when children’s media only recycles select narratives, leaving some kids to feel like their identity is less important. 

While Holi may not be part of every family’s tradition, embracing other cultures enriches children’s understanding and appreciation of the world. It also cultivates valuable social skills such as empathy, respect, and inclusivity. Festivals like Holi even provide opportunities for sensory exploration and new means of expression. For example, it wasn’t until our Holi update in 2023 that we added the shades of pink, purple, and light blue to the app. We hope this festival can also bring more color to your life at this time!

Update Pok Pok now and head to Busy Book to soak up the electric energy of this festival. Whether your family celebrates it or you’re just learning about it for the first time, we’re wishing you a very Happy Holi!

We’ve been so inspired by the unique approach of each child who plays with our toys and can’t wait to hear what families like yours think of this one. Receiving your feedback, videos and ideas for new updates is so important for the growth of Pok Pok so please say hello at or on social media @playpokpok.