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Pok Pok Playroom: A Year in Review
A year of hopes and gratefulness When we launched Pok Pok Playroom 12 months ago we never could have predicted the journey that was awaiting us, but we knew that we had produced a beautiful digital toy that was different from other kids apps that often involved overstimulating play. We also knew that we wanted to keep providing amazing […]
May 17, 2022 • 4 min read
A new toy in the Playroom: Shops!
Why role play is fundamental to learning Since its launch last year, one of your children’s all-time favourite toys has been House, our doll-house style toy in the Playroom. We’ve seen our players cook chicken in the dryer, devour every item in the fridge in a single sitting, put outfits in the dishwasher, and just get downright silly! […]
May 12, 2022 • 5 min read
Play Tips
How to celebrate Earth Day with your toddler
It’s not ourselves that we’re preserving this planet for — it’s for our kids! Earth Day is a great day to invite your kids to learn about how to help care for our world. We’ve added lots of brand new content to Pok Pok Playroom in honour of Earth Day in the hopes that it […]
April 21, 2022 • 4 min read
How musical play supports brain health and memory
Many of you have been asking for a musical toy, and we’ve spent the last few months tinkering around with something we hope you and your kids will love. We wanted to challenge the typical “tap an instrument game” by coming up with something uniquely Pok Pok — a toy that gives kids all of […]
March 16, 2022 • 4 min read
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